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Our Solutions – Fruit and Vegetable

The Hydroflux HyDAF dissolve air flotation system is ideally suited to treat wastewater from many types of Fruit and Vegetable processing plants

The fruit and vegetable industry covers a wide variety of sectors that generate very different types of wastewater. From salad packing, fruit slicing, raw potato washing, canning and bottling to crisp manufacturing, wastewater characteristics are completely different.

The Hydroflux HyDAF dissolved air flotation system is suitable for the removal of solids, grease an oils from wastewater streams

The effectiveness of a DAF system depends on a number of factors including; whether or not chemicals are dosed and its position within the overall process. In many cases removal of colloidal solids can be achieved with >99% efficiency by dosing a small amount of polymer at the inlet of the DAF. This is typically the case with fruit processing where the DAF system will be installed downstream of a screen and pH control

For more heavily loaded wastewater streams such as those found in vegetable processing and particularly when cooking or frying operations occur (eg snacks and crisps) a more robust chemical program will be necessary.

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