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HD-V Range

The HD-V series which is designed with a steep hopper base fitted with a screw conveyor. The V series allows removal of settled solids automatically, without the need to drain the DAF. It is ideal in applications where grit or other substances that do not float are abundant in the wastewater such as that found at meat processing plants.

The HD-V system is designed with the same inlet mixing system as the standard HD series, however, the unit features steep sloping sides and a screw is installed in the base.

The HD-V units utilise the velocity of the dissolved air recycle stream to thoroughly mix the air microbubbles throughout the incoming influent stream. The recycle stream is introduced into the influent stream at a 45° angle, after which the combined stream enters a hexagonal shaped chamber which promotes mixing. This results in an even distribution of dissolved air throughout incoming influent and ensures that the microbubbles have the best chance to contact incoming solids and any fat, oil and grease.

The conveyor screw is designed to remove any settled solids and sludge out of the system. The screw is designed to move the solids towards the drive end of the HyDAF where either an actuated valve or pump can be fitted, depending on the site requirements.

A stuffing box is used to seal the shaft, this technology is commonly used in marine applications to seal propeller shafts on boats. A packing material (braided gland) is wrapped around the shaft and compressed against the end plate by a packing nut, creating a seal.

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