How do You Provide Safe Drinking Water to 120 Australian Scouts Camping in Mongolia?

September 4, 2017

Well you could ask Hydroflux!

From Scouts Australia Contingent to the 31st Asia Pacific Jamboree 2017;

“With thanks to Hydroflux for sponsoring the Scouts Australia Contingent to the 31st Asia Pacific Jamboree 2017.The portable water treatment sponsored by Hydroflux ensured that our scouts had fresh drinkable water on the Trans-Mongolian Railway for 30 Hours, and whilst camping at the Jamboree site on the steppes of Mongolia.

The water onsite was ground water and relied on wells refilling – on day 3 with about 8000 people onsite the tap water was declared non-potable. Fortunately, all our water had been filtered, thanks to Hydroflux, from arrival and continued to be.Even during our 3 days in Beijing we were able to carry the portable filters on the buses and saved the environment thousands of plastic water bottles by refilling our own with filtered water.

The water filters will now be passed along to a team in rural Manila and a team coming to Mongolia next year to build an all-weather shelter at a remote Mongolia scout camp. Scouts Australia thanks Hydroflux for their technical support in assisting us to source suitable filters, and financial support in their purchase.”

Dr Justine Douthwaite
Team Doctor
Australian Contingent
31st Asia Pacific Scout Jamboree

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