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Prepared Foods

Our comprehensive range of HyDAF dissolved air flotation systems is ideally suited to treat wastewater from all types of prepared food and ready meal operations.

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In order to achieve the very high levels of solids and grease reduction in prepared foods wastewater  (both in excess of 98%) an effective chemical program is required. This will usually involve correcting the pH (normally using either acid or alkali) and dosing a coagulant. This is achieved in a reaction tank upstream of the DAF with a retention time of several minutes.

One of the most important aspects of the overall wastewater treatment plant design for ready meal and similar operations and to ensure a consistent operation of the DAF is the use of a suitable size balance tank upstream. Wastewater characteristics vary hour by hour as the factory changes products and ingredients and undertakes cleaning cycles, but also seasonally as various products can be manufactured only at certain times of the year.

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With suitable pre-treatment and balancing upstream, the Hydroflux HyDAF dissolved air flotation system will consistently achieve excellent levels of suspended solid and grease reductions. We have observed BOD reductions of over 80% in some instances (BOD has been reduced to < 500mg/L) however if the soluble BOD is high due to the nature of some ingredients, the BOD can be higher. The BOD will also vary quite considerably.

The sludge generated by the HyDAF system on prepared food wastewater is generally quite high in dry solids content. Figures of 12-15% can be achieved in some cases but typically it is in the order of 10% DS. This high level is possible due to the thickening feature of the counter current scraper system.

HyDAF dissolved air flotation systems are ideally suited to treat wastewater from all types of prepared food and ready meal operations.