Your Process and Wastewater

At Hydroflux Industrial, our engineers are fully conversant with the internal production processes of all different types of fruit and vegetable processing along with the fluctuations commonly experienced with flow and load.

We know the affects that different methods of slicing or cooking have on the wastewater characteristics and how the quality or cleanliness of the raw product being washed can change the nature of the wastewater stream. Furthermore, we know that accidents do happen and armed with this knowledge, our robust plants are always designed to consistently perform under all conditions.

We have expertise in virtually all types of fruit and vegetable processing wastewater

Although some of the principles of the preliminary, primary and secondary treatment of wastewater across the food industry will often involve generic similar process operations, the detailed design and method of operation of each stage of the process technology incorporated into the overall design is critical.

The most suitable processes for wastewater treatment from the vegetable processing industry depends on the type of industry, internal processing operations and where the water is being discharged to.

The Hydroflux HyDAF dissolved air flotation system is ideal as a pretreatment stage for removal of solids after screening allowing discharge to sewer or reducing the load on a secondary treatment plant.

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