The Dissolved Air Flotation Tank

The HyDAF HD dissolved air flotation tank is manufactured from stainless steel and designed to last over 25 years.

  • The HyDAF operates at very high surface loading rates and minimal foot print is required without the inclusion of closely spaced plates inside the tank that have the potential to block.
  • Fully enclosed scraper guarding system. Unlike commonly used mesh, when hosing inside the DAF tank, water spray is retained within the tank. Optional ducted covers are available.
  • Hydroflux Hex Inlet Mixer to provide superior inlet flow distribution and intense mixing with the flocculent and dissolved air stream. The maximises bubble attachment to flocs optimising flotation and minimising carry over. Single injection point is used to prevent the difficulties that arise with balancing flows with multiple dissolved air inlets.
  • The base of the HyDAF is designed with hoppers ’ to facilitate settled sludge removal without fully draining the system.
  • Fully welded stainless steel tank. High quality manufacturing in the UK.

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