Company Policies

Sustainability Policy Statement

Hydroflux Pty Ltd and our subsidiary group of companies are committed to finding the right solutions for our clients to achieve a more sustainable, secure future. We believe that working towards a more sustainable business model offers opportunities to save costs and improve operational efficiency, performance and reputation, and our group includes, a dedicated sustainability consulting company specialising in climate risk, sustainable water management, strategy and stakeholder engagement.

Modern Slavery Policy Statement

Hydroflux Pty Ltd and our subsidiary group of companies do not tolerate modern slavery, servitude, human trafficking or forced labour and are committed to acting ethically, with integrity and transparently in all our business dealings. We take pride in the management of our businesses and our practices to safeguard against modern slavery risks in our business and supply chains.

Industrial Relations Management Policy Statement

Hydroflux Pty Ltd strives to continually improve the quality of its productivity, performance and services to enable continued growth in a competitive industry.

Our goal is to have open and transparent processes in all aspects of our dealings with employees, suppliers and subcontractors, encompassing all issues pertaining to industrial relations. Effective client, people and project management is based on open, honest relationships and realistic negotiations that are beneficial to both parties.