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We would like to share with you a series of technical video presentations designed to provide technical information on the processes surrounding a dissolved air flotation plant.

Coagulation Fundamentals

If you have ever wanted to know how Coagulants work and get a good insight on how to optimise your wastewater treatment plant.


  • What is Coagulation and why it is important?
  • The mechanisms of Coagulation.
  • Organic v’s Inorganic Coagulants.
  • What happens if we overdose a Coagulant?
  • Effect of pH on Coagulants.

View the video below (17 minutes)

Colloidal Particles

This video expands upon the Coagulation Fundamentals video with more in-depth theory in a logical, easy to understand format.

  • What is a Colloidal Particle?
  • What forces act upon a Colloidal Particle?
  • Effect of pH on the forces.

View the video below (9 minutes)

Understanding BOD In Water Treatment

An interesting discussion on what BOD really is and how and why we test for it, plus a little history lesson.

  • Difference between TOC, COD, BOD.
  • How the BOD Test Originated
  • How the lab tests samples for BOD
  • What the BOD test detects and does not detect

View the video below (18 minutes)

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We are adding new technical video presentations all the time so if you have a particular subject you would like more information on please let us know and we will see what we can do.

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