HyDAF key Features

The Hydroflux HyDAF Dissolved Air Flotation System is a unique, simple and highly efficient dissolved air flotation process.

There are three main elements to the Hydroflux HyDAF process being; the flotation tank, the method of producing and injecting dissolved air and the sludge removal process. Each of these elements have been designed and perfected based on many years of experience in operating DAF systems over a variety of industrial sectors.

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The Dissolved Air Flotation Tank

The HyDAF HD dissolved air flotation tank is manufactured from stainless steel and designed to last over 25 years. The…

High Efficiency Dissolved Air Production

The range of HyDAF dissolved air production systems are designed to provide various flows of dissolved air. Each HyDAF system…

Sludge Handling

The HyDAF dissolved air system scraper is a robust three sprocket system designed to minise the water content in the…