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Hydroflux Ltd is a UK based business dedicated to the industrial wastewater treatment market.

Hydroflux HyDAF 1002Our experience in the water and wastewater field is first class and sets an example for others to follow. We are the business you can depend on.

Our range of high quality advanced dissolved air flotation systems are designed for the treatment of industrial wastewater. They are proven in many applications, built to last, compact and manufactured in the UK.

Hydroflux Ltd is a subsidiary company of Hydroflux Pty Ltd which is one of Australia’s leading wastewater treatment companies that focuses on all aspects of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment.

Via our various subsidiary companies located worldwide, we can provide many services including; design, supply of equipment, operation contracts and engage in complete design and construct projects for virtually any business sector be it manufacturing, food processing, desalination, or municipal wastewater treatment. Whatever your business, we have the knowledge and expertise.

The Hydroflux Group’s technology division allows our business to keep one step ahead.¬†Our extensive experience has acquired a vast well of intellectual property which is transferrable via products, services and processes. Our ongoing product development, improvement and innovation sees our IP in a constant state of evolution and allows us to provide the best and most economical solution to all of our customers.

Our engineers are unified, focussed and committed to the environmental industry and our product range is designed to be economic, efficient and environmentally considered. We confidently strive into the future putting innovative ideas and solutions into practise. This is why we are experts and this is why we excel at what we do.