Appointment of Andrew Miley and Adrian Minshull to the Hydroflux Board

May 7, 2013

Hydroflux Pty Ltd (Hydroflux Group) is pleased to announce the appointment of Andrew Miley and Adrian Minshull to the Board of Directors of Hydroflux Pty Ltd and various subsidiaries.

Andrew Miley is an experienced Senior Water Industry Professional with over 25 years in the water industry. Andrew was a former owner / director of AJM Environmental Services, a business established in 1999 which grew to be one of Australia’s leading industrial wastewater treatment companies in the early 2000’s.

Andrew’s Specific focus and expertise is on the process and concept designs for Food and Beverage plants using primary and secondary treatment and has successfully completed over 100 projects in Australasia, Europe, USA, India, Middle East and SE Asia.  One of his key achievements was playing a leading role in the negotiation of all aspects world’s first 4ML/day waste to potable water reuse plant for a major food processor in Australia.

Adrian Minshull been full time in the Australian Water Industry for the last 30 years, Adrian has professionally completed literally thousands of Water and Wastewater projects throughout Australia and the SE Asian region.  Prior to joining the Hydroflux Group Adrian was the founder of AJM Environmental Services which was established in 1999 and grew to be one of the leading industrial wastewater treatment companies in Australia in the early 2000’s. 

Adrian’s specialist areas include new product and process design and development, large project management and corporate strategy and governance.

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