Nitrogen and Phosphorus

Virtually all of Hydroflux Industrial’s biological processes can be adapted to removing Nitrogen and Phosphorus to very low concentrations to meet the most stringent of regulations.

Why do we need to reduce nutrient levels?
Industrial wastewater can contain very high levels of nitrogen and phosphorus (nutrients). When nutrients are discharged to the environment a process of eutrophication can occur.

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Engaging a professional wastewater treatment company to look after the entire wastewater project is a convenient, economical and hassle free option for industry.

Hydroflux Industrial can provide all process design works, manufacture and fabrication, construction and even complete operation of your wastewater treatment plant.

When Hydroflux Industrial provides complete solutions, we can either undertake a contract on a turnkey basis or work together with building services engineers and other construction professionals to ensure that the project is delivered smoothly, without interruption and on time.


The Hydroflux Group is able to offer a Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) option for water and wastewater assets in Australia and New Zealand. This innovative partnership arrangement strengthens existing strong bonds between Hydroflux and their customers for the long term.

Hydroflux, represented by a special purpose vehicle dedicated to the project, supplies the design, construction, financing, and operation of the water or wastewater plant. The plant is transferred to the client at the end of the contract, which is generally around 10 years.

Hydroflux also purchase existing water and wastewater plants on a similar basis, which releases cash to our clients for either returning or distributing to investors or for funding other investments in their core business.

The multidisciplinary structure of the Hydroflux group including design, construction, equipment supply and operation makes Hydroflux the ideal BOT water and wastewater partner.

Please contact Hydroflux if would like to explore the option of either acquiring a new water or wastewater facility without capital outlay or would like to free up cash by selling your existing water or wastewater assets.

Hydroflux Industrial supply a comprehensive range of equipment and process that can remove nutrients including:

  • Sequential Biological Reactors SBR.
  • Membrane Bioreactors MBR.
  • Moving Bed Bioreactors MBBR.
  • Hydroflux HyDAF systems for chemical P removal.

Eutrophication encourages the overgrowth of algae and the decomposition of the algae by bacteria uses up so much of the oxygen in the water that most or all of the aquatic life die. This in turn creates more organic matter for the bacteria to decompose. In addition, some algal species produce toxins that contaminate drinking water supplies. Throughout Australia there is a currently a heavy focus on reducing nutrients in wastewater.