Protecting Cairns Critical Potable Water Supply

May 3, 2021

Screening up to 120 million litres of river water per day is the first step in ensuring the City of Cairns in tropical Nth Queensland population of ≈ 155,000 maintain a safe and reliable drinking water supply.

Protecting Cairns Critical Potable Water Supply

Cairns, internationally renown as the gateway to one of the seven natural wonders of the world and popular tourist destination, the Great Barrier Reef receives the majority of it water from the Copperlode Falls Dam via the Crystal Cascade water Intake and Tunnel Hill Freshwater Creek Water Treatment Plant.

Replacing the Crystal Cascade water inlets older and inefficient Intake screen, Hydroflux Epco recently supplied a giant HUBER Escamax® Screen that was retro-fitted into the weir of the Crystal Cascades water Intake.

Standing at around 5 metres tall and 1.4 metres wide the HUBER Escamax® Screen uses high efficiency 6mm 316 stainless steel perforated panels to filter the raw water of debris including leaves and twigs and can process over 1200 litres per second. 1200 litres per second is enough to fill an average backyard swimming pool in well under a minute.

Escamax® is a registered trademark of HUBER SE.

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