World’s Largest AEROSTRIP® Installation – Woodman Pt WWTP Selects AEROSTRIP® Diffusers

February 13, 2018

The Woodman Pt WWTP operated by the Water Corporation in Perth is currently undergoing an upgrade by WP180, an alliance between CIVMEC and Black & Veatch, to increase its capacity to 180MLD.


As part the upgrade and efforts to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint, the Alliance awarded Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd the supply of 3600 x Q4 AEROSTRIP® Fine Bubble Diffusers.

That’s over 14km of diffuser length making this the world’s largest AEROSTRIP® installation!

AEROSTRIP® Diffusers were selected due to their exceptional efficiency due to the tiny 1mm bubbles, which results in lower power usage. The power saving is around 2600 MW per year or 2400 t in reduced CO2 emissions, had conventional diffuser technology been used. That energy saving is enough to power up to 500 houses each year!

The unique proprietary polyurethane membrane has much higher tensile strength than EDPM and Silicone, with a life of >12 years observed in existing installations” says Luis Bastos of Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd.

We are seeing enormous interest in AEROSTRIP® Technology and we now have numerous installations across Australia. Recently we delivered a similar order for another 100+MLD upgrade in Victoria, 6MLD plant in Sydney and 15MLD system in WA” he adds.

AEROSTRIP® is a fine bubble diffuser that is installed in biological reactors used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. The technology reduces the associated energy demand required to treat wastewater by 30 – 45% and has been installed in over 2000 sites around the globe. For further information on the AEROSTRIP® product range including video’s on its unique properties Click here

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